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Crowdfunding Is Nothing New

Whilst reading Fire In The Valley I came across the following, discussing how companies placed mail order adverts for products that did not as of yet exist: Products were being announced before they were even designed, let alone built, and the magazines supported the practice. Popular Electronics had passed off an empty box as the

Book Review – Fire In The Valley

As a child of the 80s, and a learner of the 90s, I grew up in an exciting era in personal computing. I literally cut my teeth on a ZX Spectrum, and then after learning how that worked inside and out, as a family we eventually upgraded to an Escom IBM compatable PC. I started

Productivity – IDEs vs Text Editors is Just The Tip

A few months ago, Rob Conery wrote a blog post discussing his career choices, his choice of .NET over PHP and his reasons for doing so. For many .NET developers, most of this will ring familiar, they were already VB6 or ASP developers, and .NET was the next logical choice. My reasons were somewhat different,