Feet On Stage At BcMan2
Photo by Cat Ashton

Can I sleep yet?

Barcamp Manchester 2 happened this weekend (twitter: #bcman2). As you can guess by the title, this was the second barcamp run in Manchester, and at 200 people, was one of the biggest community event held in the area for a while. We had a great range of people turning up, from Londoners bringing N900s, through to locals playing with giant robots. What happens when you take that amount of people, a near limitless supply of tea, coffee, soft drinks and sweet things and put them in an awesome space? Sessions happen, discussions are had and people come up with ideastm.


Barcamp this year was run in the Contact theatre (twitter: @contactmcr), which is not just a phenomenal space (several stages/cinemas, rooms and excellent communal bar spaces), but comes with THE BEST STAFF I HAVE EVER KNOWN AT A BARCAMP. Seriously, considering they were there for two days solid, they came into sessions, ran session, did some beatboxing and honestly added to the atmosphere. They really wanted to get engaged, and even came up on stage to do some powerpoint karaoke. You guys rock – we’re definitely working with you again!


I admit it, I didn’t get to many talks this time around. We got a little wrapped up in making stuff happen, then sleeping, then taking a much needed walk. I did make a talk on Monotouch, the port of the Mono project the the iPhone. Looked cool, especially as a .NET developer by trade.

For those that are visiting my blog from my android demo talk, you’ll find the resources on the talk and the code on this blog post. If you have any questions, catch me on the usual channels: twitter and e-mail.


Pizza. Cheese And Ham Coissants. Sushi. Ice Cream. Nuff said.

Fredrick's Ice Cream
Fredrick’s Ice Cream. At Barcamp, we serve only the best.
Photo by Cat Ashton


Paul Sylvester – Magic’s Best Kept Secret rocked the floor yet again. This time he was performing close up magic, working with small groups at a time. The perfect combination of magic, pizza and some light drinks was spot on, and the magic kept going all evening. People splintered out for some Beatles Rock Band (note: next time – bring the lot. If I ever hear another Beatles song it’ll be too soon), and then we moved for the time honoured tradition of Powerpoint Karaoke. I take it no-one got videos of my impression of a Sweedish IKEA designer? I’m not sure I can repeat that gig.

Thanks go to all the organisers for making it happen and the army of minions which spent the weekend running around making sure that stuff happened. We now need a month to recover. WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S GEEKUP MANCHESTER TOMORROW?