I’ve emailed the following to Lenovo customer support, since I’m currently interested in Lenovo laptops, but this applies across the board:

Dear Sir,

As a developer, my laptop is one of the most important tools I own. I spend on average ten hours a day in front of my laptop, and there are days when I spend more time with my laptop than with my partner. As such, the purchase of a new laptop is a serious and important thing, and before I make any such decision I want as much information as I can put my hands on.

The introduction of Ultrabooks in the past year has piqued my interest. Getting a full laptop in a lightweight package is a boon to my heavily abused back. I regularly travel to client sites, attend hack days and Barcamps, and sometimes just enjoy coding in away from home, office or a power socket. To this, I’ve been interested in spending some time with a Lenovo Ideapad U300s and Thinkpad X220.

And here I’ve come across a problem. I am currently a Macbook Pro user, and the ability for me to walk in to an Apple store, pick up a Macbook feel the weight, handling and keyboard before I committed to buying it made a significant impact on my decision to buy. Unfortunately, I can not get this same experience with the majority of Lenovo laptops. I’ve tried a few PC Worlds, but the best I could find were a few mid-range consumer laptops. As far as I can tell, there’s no way for me to spend time with a Lenovo Ultrabook or Thinkpad prior to purchasing one.

As such, I would be curious to see what you suggest. To users such as myself, hands on time is essential to making an informed purchase. Where would you suggest I can go to spend time with your products? (I live near Manchester)

Yours Faithfully,

Kian Ryan