Anyone who has spent any time travelling with laptops in the UK will tell you there are two major bug bears – weight, and three pin plugs. Three pin plugs are a scourge upon the earth, their “safety” offset by the annoying bulk and tendency to prod, poke and tear in to whatever is in your bag.

The holy grail is the folding plug. A three pin arrangement that folds flat, hiding the protruding pins and reducing the overall bulk of the plug. The Mu Plug raised a lot of interest when it was first released, but so far, they’ve only released a USB charger. A laptop charger is in the works.

I then found, the Thin Plug, a slightly different take on the folding plug idea. Lindy make two cables based on this plug, a USB charger, and a two-pin kettle lead. I’m using their two-pin with a Lenovo 90W Ultraslim for a very light, small, portable charging rig.