I had a small revelation over the weekend.

Nothing too epic, but an important one nontheless.

I promote reuse wherever I can. I dislike having to reinvent the wheel when someone else has already done an good implementation that covers off most of the functionality I need for a given job.

For example: why reinvent your own ORM and DAL generator, when Subsonic does so well? Why write your own Javascript library to perform basic client side functions when JQuery fills the spot so well, that even the Blue Monster have taken it on board? And why spend the time writing your own blog engine, when there are so many good ones that are constantly maintained by a large community.

I should practice what I preach.

So, last night I finally put a halt to my blog engine. It’s undergone four or five complete rewrites and has never made it to the point I consider “production”. There are chunks of it which will get reused elsewhere, but for now it’s time to explore new projects. And so, in its void I’ve decided to use WordPress. My partner has been using WordPress for several months now, and as a blogging platform it seems reliable enough to meet my needs. I can now get on with more writing, more coding and more photography without having to worry about “oh, must get that blogging platform finished so I can post this article!”.

So this should mean you start to see more of me writing. Here’s to the Blogosphere.