Well, I didn’t see that coming.

I posted the following whilst on the train in to Manchester today:

Apparently, its Freelancers Day today. Do something nice for your Freelancers today, pay their invoices.

Possibly a little flippant, but touched on a nerve that effects a lot of freelancer – poor payers. Every freelancer has good payers and poor payers, and the poor payers are a continual fly in an otherwise quite pleasant ointment. My little remark must have sounded a note with my freelancing brethren, since as soon as I posted it, my phone started buzzing with people (manually) re-tweeting.

And with Twitter’s native re-tweet function, it’s just hit 95 from 91 whilst I’ve typed this post. That’s not an epic amount of traffic (not even close), but it’s enough to make you think.


@technicalfault just spotted I’ve got a “Top Tweet”. Awesome. Top Tweets