Sometimes the world just decides to drop a large brick on you. Here at Tentacle Towers, we’ve had the work bag and laptop nicked one month from a Barcamp, followed by a break-in this month.

But that’s nothing compared to Ori’s bad luck.

Ori and Livi bought a house last year and moved in with their two daughters and young grandchild. Everything looked rosy, then Livi started to fall ill with a possible autoimmune disease (it’s not Lupus) and to top it off this year their house fell down. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. It’s not fallen, but it’s going to unless they get immediate work done. To see the full story see the Books For Bricks website.

Last year Ori self published a book through Lulu called Sir Parsley and the Dragon (also available from all good online booksellers). It’s a collection of fantasy rhymes for children between 6 and 10. So when the house decided to fall down, Ori decided not just to plea for help, but to be proactive and promote the sale of his book to raise funds to go towards the house repairs. Enterprise like this deserves to be rewarded.

I can almost hear people shouting “but shurely the insurance company will have this covered!?!?”. Well the insurance company, the water company (read the site) and the survey company are currently playing a game of pass the liability. It will eventually stop and someone will be left without a chair but until then this work still needs to be done before the house is put into a worse state. When the money eventually comes through from wherever it’s supposed to come from, any left over money after paying for the repairs will go to Shelter.

So, go and do yourself, a friend, and a fellow Geek (yes, Ori is a Geek) a favour. Buy yourself a copy of the book or buy one for your children, neice, nephew, twice-second-removed-cousin from Limerick. You and they will enjoy the stories and Ori can put another brick back in his house.