Back in 2009, I developed a version of “The Massive Dev Chart” for Android under license by the original owners of the IP, “Digital Truth”. Last year they released their own version of the application and politely asked me to withdraw mine, to which I agreed (these had been the standard arrangements agreed to in 2009). No problems there.

AppsLib had grabbed copies of my “free” applications and posted them to their own library, without my consent. They then sent me the following mail:


I have found your app ‘The Massive Dev Chart’ on the web and it runs properly on Archos Tablets.

Your application is well done.

Appslib provides a dedicated area for Android tablets users to download apps suited to their devices. You could find more info at

We have created an Account for you on Appslib with the following login and password:


Password: [REDACTED]

You can manage your app, follow your statistics and removed your app at any time. You can also publish some other apps and it is totally free.

We have pre-uploaded your app and we are waiting for your confirmation to publish it on AppsLib.

I hope to talk to you soon.

Best regards

The AppsLib Team Back in 2009, this wasn’t a problem, so I let it lie. Fast forward to 2012, and I receive the following e-mail:

Hello Android app developer,

Just a reminder that your application is now posted on AppsLib.

There are all the details to manage your developer account on below.

Please let me know if you see any problems.


Belinda Sherlos

The AppsLib Team Remembering they have a copy of “The Massive Dev Chart”, I look to find a way to remove my account. Couldn’t find anything anywhere, just some publish/unpublish options for individual applications. Not too happy about this (I didn’t ask for an appslib account in the first place) I fired the following e-mail over:


I wish to remove my account ([REDACTED]), and all applications you hold for our company.

I can not see a way to do this through your portal. Please advise how to do this.

Thanks, Simple, straightforward and to the point. You hold applications I no longer have the right to distribute on an account I didn’t ask for. I want to remove my account and those applications. I was expecting to need to do a little hoop-jumping, possibly fire over some form of authorisation, since I was sending this mail from a different e-mail address to the one registered. In reply, I received the following e-mail:


Thank you for your email.

As per your request your applications have been deleted from appslib. They are now no longer visible or downloadable by the 2 million appslib users who, as they have non google certified devices without access to Android Market, now have no possible method of downloading your applications.

Thank you again

Belinda Ouch. That stings a little, not really a particularly good bit of developer relations… I take problem with the phrase “now have no possible method of downloading your applications”. No? Are you saying that you, AppsLib, are the only alternative to Google Play? REALLY?

So how about:

Funnily enough, the most I’ve had from any of these (and I’ve had a few contacts) are introductory e-mails, some offers and details about the services they offer. At no point have any of these opened an account for me, uploaded my applications, nor derided my decision to no longer user their services. In short, at any point in the future I will be more willing to deal with anyone else other than you.

“Thank you again”.