This just dropped into my RSS reader. By the look of the title, people weren’t supposed to know just yet. It’s still on the cached RSS feed, but not on the website so by now its probably common knowledge.


Notable highlights: [snipped since no longer relevant]

The row over Spinvox is something I may comment on at another time. I use Spinvox for my voicemail service, it’s brilliant and means I’ve got a more useful form of a voicemail in the form of a text message. I don’t really care if it’s handled by an offshore call-centre or using automated software, it fits a gap in my workflow perfectly. And that’s good enough reason for me to keep supporting it.

[UPDATE] It turns out it was all just a big whoopsy on the part of (Techcrunch)[]. Mike Butcher claims it was a draft obituary which somehow managed to leak on to the RSS feed. James has not left Spinvox, and the Techcrunch article was entirely speculative. The lesson to be learnt here is if you don’t want it on the internet, don’t put it there. Anywhere.