Clanger The Vote Now Show has been doing a sterling job of reporting on the events of the election campaigning for the past few weeks.

In return, they’ve only asked for one thing which has been denied of them – to be hated. So far, they’ve not received a single complaint. They’ve even gone so far as to shoot a clanger (artist’s rendering above) in an attempt to generate complaints.

So if you’ve been enjoying the broadcasts, please show your support for The Vote Now Show by registering a complaint with dear aunty.

For added humour, why not treat it as the traditional audience question? If you complain, leave your “complaint” in the comments section below. Mine is…

Summary of Complaint: Shooting of Clanger – Contravention of Hunting Act 2004 Full Complaint: I had tuned in to the nightly Vote Now Show expecting pleasant and perfectly middle class humour. I was disgusted to hear the live shooting of a wild clanger, which had been outlawed since the passing of the Hunting Act 2004. The vile and insensitive performers of the show should be made to issue an immediate apology – as THIS white, middle-class worker is shocked and distressed. Yours, Kian Ryan