Jo Cox’’s Death … outside the bubble.Never read the comments.

No. Do read the comments.

“What I am about to state is based on what I have read about the death of labour affiliated member of parliament Jo Cox. God rest her soul. The BBC online news states that she was a strong advocate for Syrians and refugees generally. If the alleged attacker has attacked her because of her empathy with and support of immigrants then this incident has created a extremely concerning precedent. The attacker has prima facia been so incensed by the untramelled immigration into England that he has decided to make a point by murdering a person he believes is responsible for at least a part of the migration of millions of Syrians, Iraqis, North Africans, Afghans. This fear has manifested itself today in such an extreme degree of feeling and action that the concern felt about the unrestricted immigration policy and its affect on peoples lifes, of this and previous governments, must now be addressed before a similar event occurs or the population takes up arms against each other.”

One commenter manages to construct an argument to restrict immigration to stop this kind of killing from happening again.They even manage to wrap it up in rhetoric in an attempt to make the argument sound reasonable.

“Mak(ing) a point by murdering a person”, is not engaging in debate, it is not attempting to “ make a point”, it’s taking away someone’s life because you think their life is less important than yours.

There is nothing constructive to take away from this. A person took the life away of another person, because they believed their views were more important than Jo Cox’s life.

This is not a milestone in the debate.