Well, I’ve just finished Tex Murphy.

The immersion breaking clips dried up, and the gameplay settled down in to a nice puzzle and object rhythm. I needed to look up hints three times, one of them for an object that was just invisible against the background.

The final puzzle is timed, and really needs around ten seconds longer on the clock. It took me many goes and deaths to finish it, despite knowing the sequence.

There are five possible endings. I ended up with “The Petrified Forest” ending. This may be one of my favourite endings to an adventure game ever. Superb.

Wondering what else I was missing out on, I found a video showing the other “happy” endings, and was sort of glad I ended up with the one I did.

The true “happy” ending involves a woman being traded as an object and then having seven years of her memory wiped, for no good reason (plenty of creepy ones). I think we could have possibly done better there Big Finish. Where as my ending involved a shoot out in a bar, and riding off in to the sunset. I think I prefer mine.

Now I get to reclaim 13Gb of drive space and marvel at all the emptiness.