There’s a fault with the HTC Desire in that it’s not showing copy protected paid apps in the Android Market. This is apparently due to HTC failing to the get the ROM signed by Google (or some similar such). If you’ve already got apps you’ve paid for on a previous device, then it’s a little frustrating.

I e-mailed HTC and T-Mobile asking when the situation is going to be rectified. I got the following response from HTC (none from T-Mobile).

Dear Kian, Thank you for contacting us. We are aware of this issue and will be pushing out an update to rectify this issue. Please check your phone for updates, As these will be made available via an Over The Air update once they become available. Kind Regards, HTC Europe I think that’s a reasonable enough response. Admittedly, it’s a cock-up that shouldn’t have happened, but they’ve responded with a reasonable answer. Now can we have some accessories please?