Gadget of the Year 2014

It’s been a funny year for gadgets. I tend not to acquire a gadget unless I’ve got a really good use for it, and it fits in my bag. After something of a drought for a year or two, I’ve found myself picking up more than usual this year. But... [Read More]
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72 Hours Later With The Chromecast

So, we’ve had the Chromecast the better part of a week now. It’s interesting to see how easily it’s slipped in to every day usage. Want to watch a thing, load up on phone, cast to TV. In general, it still “just works”. We even had a few friends around... [Read More]
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24 Hours With Chromecast

Over the past few years, we’ve used a number of solutions to stream content from various sources around the house. We started out with a classic Xbox running XBMC (when the X really did stand for XBox), then we upgraded to a dedicated media PC which streamed content from our... [Read More]
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Living With Migraines

I’m … exhausted. I think that’s the right word. When one of these finally passes, it feels like I’ve been competing all day. Before the feeling passes, and I just go back to thinking they’re minor things, I’m going to write about it. [Read More]
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Treating A Sore Throat

Disclaimer: I claim no medical training. All advice given here is based on my own, highly personal opinion of going through a few days of hell. If any of it helps, great. If some of it happens to kill you, I accept no liability. [Read More]
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Abel and Cain (Surely Cole? – ed)

It’s a well regarded fact that geeks often live off a combination of pizza, Coke (Dew for our Merkian and enlightened home bretheren) and foodstuffs that generally come with an immediacy. Quite a few of us are also food-geeks, but our planning faculties tend to let us down in having... [Read More]
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