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Configuring Postfix For Local Development

Whilst working through “Agile Web Development With Rails 4”, I was genuinely surprised to find the author advocating configuring your local development environment to send e-mail via an external SMTP server. To me, this is a bad idea, since there’s a real risk of unintentionally delivering mail to real accounts. To mitigate this, it’s worth

7 Languages in 7 Weeks… Or Maybe A Bit Longer

Technical writing can be broadly categorised three ways – introductory, reference and developmental. Introductory writing is about introducing the reader to a new subject, hand holding them through the initial steps, and generally taking some of the pressure off learning a new skill. Reference writing is an in-depth look on a particular subject, usually packed

Disabling Narrator in Windows 8

It is far, far too easy to hit Windows-Enter and turn on the Narrator, especially when you’ve got shortcuts defined in Visual Studio for Alt-Enter and Ctrl-Enter. To permanently disable starting the narrator, add the following registry key: Thanks to David Zhang for this one.