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Disabling Narrator in Windows 8

It is far, far too easy to hit Windows-Enter and turn on the Narrator, especially when you’ve got shortcuts defined in Visual Studio for Alt-Enter and Ctrl-Enter. To permanently disable starting the narrator, add the following registry key: Thanks to David Zhang for this one.

Google Maps Geocoding API v2

Google have “turned down” v2 of their Geocoding API as of the 9th of September. For “turned down”, read “turned off”, making some interesting breakages for sites that rely on this API. Information available here: The v3 API works just fine. For those in .NET land, the following code snippet will return lat/lon If

Omnisharp – the Vim C# Plugin you’ve been waiting for

My current workflow involves three tools: ConEmu Vim Visual Studio/Resharper ConEmu is a console emulator, and I use it to run IISExpress, MSBuild, XUnit and Git. Vim is used for most of my code editing. Visual Studio is used for those jobs for which only Visual Studio will do. NuGet, Visual editing of EDMX files,