Windows Subsystem for Linux provides an abstraction layer to allow the execution of Linux distributions directly on Windows. WSL comes in two flavours: WSL1 is a set of interfacing libraries where WSL2 uses Hyper-V, and works alongside a VM.

Unfortunately, the newer WSL2 does not support serial devices, which means you can not use WSL2 for running Arduino programmers or serial terminals such as MiniCom.
You can setup and run a minimal WSL1 distribution alongside a WSL2 distribution for use with projects that need serial access.

First, install a new distribution:

wsl install -d Ubuntu

Set the distribution to use WSL1:

wsl --set-version Ubuntu 1

It’ll now appear on your list when you restart Windows Terminal.

Windows Terminal - New Terminal List

I would recommend renaming your WSL1 environment to separate it from your normal WSL2 environments:

Windows Terminal - Settings