The Psion 5MX makes a great little portable writing tool, but getting files off takes a little more effort. The word processor handles plain text and it’s own proprietary binary format. Plain text is fine, but I’d like to do something with the formatted content.

I primarily blog in Markdown, using Jekyll. So far, I have a workflow that looks like:

  1. Draft in EPOC Word.
  2. nConvert from EPOC Word to RTF.
  3. Copy from Compact Flash card to PC.
  4. Convert from RTF to Word Doc using unoconv (OpenOffice).
  5. Convert from Word Doc to Markdown using pandoc.

This keeps the styling information from EPOC Word through to Markdown which makes it usable for bloging with H1, H2, etc.

I’ll script it once I’m happy with the workflow.