24 Hours With Chromecast

Over the past few years, we’ve used a number of solutions to stream content from various sources around the house. We started out with a classic Xbox running XBMC (when the X really did stand for XBox), then we upgraded to a dedicated media PC which streamed content from our... [Read More]
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Poppies, Future Soldiers, and Remembrance

This week in a press release the Royal British legion published a photograph of four children bearing big smiles, holding giant poppies wearing bright yellow t-shirts. On one of the t-shirts were the words, “My Mum Dad are Veterans”, where the remaining three bore the phrase “Future Soldier”. Today I... [Read More]
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Folding UK Plugs

Anyone who has spent any time travelling with laptops in the UK will tell you there are two major bug bears – weight, and three pin plugs. Three pin plugs are a scourge upon the earth, their “safety” offset by the annoying bulk and tendency to prod, poke and tear... [Read More]
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Virgin Media Replies With Respect To Their T&Cs

For those unfamiliar, Virgin Media has a potentially very wide reaching clause in their T&Cs (Section D, Part 1, Line h). I wrote about it here. I was quite surprised by how much noise this generated, journalists (who could be affected over this) have been discussing it on Twitter. [Read More]
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