Southport Triathlon - Race Report

Southport serves as a bit of nexus. It’s early in the season, and yet acts as Triathlon England Standard distance championships, ETU qualifiers, and the BUCS Standard championships. As such, it is a bloody fast race. It’s also it’s been going for quite a while a while, here’s some Grandstand... [Read More]
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Clitheroe Triathlon - Race Report

First Tri of the season, this is an odd distance. A bit of a Sprint+, 400m pool swim, 30k ride, 8k run. Results were: Leg Distance Time Swim 400m 00:09:46 T1   00:01:49 Bike 30k 01:09:31 T2   00:01:56 Run 8k 00:43:51 Swim was indoors, in a salinated pool. This... [Read More]
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2017-2018 Triathlon Season Review

For my first season I worked with the excellent ATP template in Joe Friel’s Triathlon Bible. My goal setting was a bit wooly - it was a first season, I had very little idea on what I was doing and it was a very steep learning curve. This second season... [Read More]
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Plywood Shelving, An Afternoon of Wood

Sometimes, a project is just about pure functionality. We live in a small house, and space is at a premium. The cupboard at the top of our stairs used to contain a boiler, but was removed before we moved in and replaced with a combi-boiler in the kitchen. The previous... [Read More]
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