Hi folks,

I’ve been playing with pointy sticks now for … ohh a while.

And I’ve been coaching it for … ohh, let’s also call it a while.

And coaching pointy (and edged) sticks has brought me a significant amount of joy and growth - and hopefully I’ve been able to help other people find joy and growth in this rather interesting sport. It’s been a hell of a journey - from a school hall with Dave Varey, to foil lessons with Robert Kiss, then on to Durham, a change, and some much deeper understanding with Laszlo Jakab (and a bit from Bela Kopetka) and then coming crashing back home and coming full circle. I’ve had the privilege of seeing some fantastic young people grow up, hopefully provide a few stepping stones along the way. I’ve had opportunity to study in Hungary, coach the U13/U15 England teams, captain the Yorkshire Cadet Winton, and coach at quite a few clubs and university teams. It’s been fun and a privilege.

However, I’m done. For now. It’s complicated, but at it’s core I don’t have the drive for fencing that was once there.

So, I’m being selfish, stepping away and taking some time.

It’s been a while coming, and I am super-ready for some new challenges.

I’m signed up for Ironman UK 2020, that’s my focus for the next year.