Taking a Break From Pointy Sticks

Hi folks, I’ve been playing with pointy sticks now for … ohh a while. And I’ve been coaching it for … ohh, let’s also call it a while. And coaching pointy (and edged) sticks has brought me a significant amount of joy and growth - and hopefully I’ve been able... [Read More]
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Ripon Triathlon - Race Report

Ripon Standard Triathlon is held in the middle of Ripon Triathlon Weekend, a festival of racing with open water swims, standard and sprint distance tris, and finishing up with Tristars (juniors) on the Sunday. It’s a relaxed event, where you pull up your car or camper on the Friday, pitch... [Read More]
Categories: Triathlon

Deva Triathlon - Race Report

Deva was my first race at middle distance. It’s been a long journey getting here - in preparation I’ve been steadily building up training and the distance. I’ve done this race previously at olympic distance and enjoyed it immensely. For my money, it may be the best organised race on... [Read More]
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I'm Kian Ryan

TLDR; I sport, code, make stuff, and play adventure games.

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