Parcelable, AIDL and IntelliJ

If you’re using IntelliJ IDEA to build your Android apps (as moi does), and you try to create AIDL files to sit beside your classes (specifically for the Parcelable interface), you may notice your own classes magically disappearing at compile time. [Read More]
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Application, Service and AIDL

Our demonstration Android application for Leedshack came in two parts – a user-facing application which the user could use to drop “markers” (points used to attach triggers to) and a background process which checked a remote web service to look for any triggers to fire. [Read More]
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Fizz Buzz

I just read “Why Can’t Programmer’s Program” over on Coding Horror. Out of sheer curiosity, I googled “Fizz Buzz C#” just to see what some people had engineered. The idea of the “Fizz Buzz” test is to provide a starting point to prove you can write working code. Nothing complicated,... [Read More]
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