JsonRequestBehaviour.AllowGet & Visual Studio Regex

Nice quick win – currently upgrading a client Intranet project from ASP.NET MVC1 to MVC2. Microsoft changed how get requests are handled in this release and disallowed GET JSON requests by default. Before going any further, note that there are security implications in allowing JSON get requests. [Read More]
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Tips for Contractor CVs

I spend quite a bit of time recruiting for clients, helping place contractors and full time placements for them. As such, I sift through rather a lot of CVs. CVs are notoriously hard to get right, you’ve got to get a potentially complex personality and skill set across in a... [Read More]
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Parcelable, AIDL and IntelliJ

If you’re using IntelliJ IDEA to build your Android apps (as moi does), and you try to create AIDL files to sit beside your classes (specifically for the Parcelable interface), you may notice your own classes magically disappearing at compile time. [Read More]
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Application, Service and AIDL

Our demonstration Android application for Leedshack came in two parts – a user-facing application which the user could use to drop “markers” (points used to attach triggers to) and a background process which checked a remote web service to look for any triggers to fire. [Read More]
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