Living With Migraines

I’m … exhausted. I think that’s the right word. When one of these finally passes, it feels like I’ve been competing all day. Before the feeling passes, and I just go back to thinking they’re minor things, I’m going to write about it. [Read More]
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Project Types – MVC 2 and MVC 3

Visual Studio ends up having a bit of a hissy fit if the project file has the incorrect project type. This appears to be especially common between MVC 2 and MVC3, where your project may have MVC3 binaries, but the MVC2 project type. Visual Studio 11 simply refuses to open... [Read More]
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Treating A Sore Throat

Disclaimer: I claim no medical training. All advice given here is based on my own, highly personal opinion of going through a few days of hell. If any of it helps, great. If some of it happens to kill you, I accept no liability. [Read More]
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SSH on Android

There are a few SSH clients out there for Android, ConnectBot being the most popular and BTEP also proving popular. Both of these provide good front end interfaces, but suck on keyboard support. There’s nothing more frustrating than pressing Ctrl on a bluetooth keyboard, only for it to behave entirely... [Read More]
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