A Quick Introduction To Screen

By popular request, I’ve been asked to write a quick introduction to screen. Screen is a terminal window manager, that allows you to run multiple shell windows concurrently from a single connection. In summary, you can do this: [Read More]
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gVim on Ubuntu – Running in Fullscreen

I admit, I am a fan of working in full-screen. Whilst coding, or writing I don’t want to see anything else unless I explicitly ask for it. If I want the time, or to see the screaming requests of clients I will make the point of switching to that information.... [Read More]
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AppsLib – Rather Rude…

Back in 2009, I developed a version of “The Massive Dev Chart” for Android under license by the original owners of the IP, “Digital Truth”. Last year they released their own version of the application and politely asked me to withdraw mine, to which I agreed (these had been the... [Read More]
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