Poppies, Future Soldiers, and Remembrance

This week in a press release the Royal British legion published a photograph of four children bearing big smiles, holding giant poppies wearing bright yellow t-shirts. On one of the t-shirts were the words, “My Mum Dad are Veterans”, where the remaining three bore the phrase “Future Soldier”. Today I... [Read More]
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Folding UK Plugs

Anyone who has spent any time travelling with laptops in the UK will tell you there are two major bug bears – weight, and three pin plugs. Three pin plugs are a scourge upon the earth, their “safety” offset by the annoying bulk and tendency to prod, poke and tear... [Read More]
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Virgin Media Replies With Respect To Their T&Cs

For those unfamiliar, Virgin Media has a potentially very wide reaching clause in their T&Cs (Section D, Part 1, Line h). I wrote about it here. I was quite surprised by how much noise this generated, journalists (who could be affected over this) have been discussing it on Twitter. [Read More]
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Google Maps Geocoding API v2

Google have “turned down” v2 of their Geocoding API as of the 9th of September. For “turned down”, read “turned off”, making some interesting breakages for sites that rely on this API. Information available here: [Read More]
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Lenovo X1 Carbon and Ubuntu 13.04

I’ve had the Lenovo X1 Carbon for a few months, and in all honesty, it’s the best laptop I’ve ever owned (including Macbooks). Under Windows, everything works flawlessly, and I’ve had no problems. In Ubuntu, almost everything works out of the box with 13.04, but there are a couple of... [Read More]
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