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Running a Modern, Connected, Fencing Competition

Modern fencing competitions are elaborate affairs. Major events are televised (or streamed), results are instantly published online and in some cases, competitor information is displayed on the piste as the fencers compete. Fencers and referees are notified of where and when they need to be by remote screens linked to remote monitors. Not all events

Building a Youtube Live Streaming Camera With A Raspberry Pi

For the ManCadet, we built a couple of cheap streaming cameras to stream content to Youtube Live. You can see the quality of the output here. To do this, we used Raspberry Pis with the camera module and “official” case. We stuck them to the wall with gaffer tape and positioned the camera module with

FIE Coaching Course in Budapest

I’m just back from Budapest from a 10 day coach education course for sabre coaches. It’s been an interesting experience, both in terms of the fencing and the culture and is one that I would recommend for any coach that has the opportunity to attend. You may be surprised (or not) to find that the