Don McCullin Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum

‘I am a professed atheist, until I find myself in serious circumstances. Then I quickly fall on my knees, in my mind if not literally, and I say : “Please God, save me from this.”‘ — Don McCullin We’ve just got back in from the last day of the Don... [Read More]
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At This Space Exhibition

The “At This Space” exhibition is opening on the 26th April, at 5pm. I’m invited to the private viewing and you’re not, so neerrrr. If you want to try and bribe your way in (there’ll be free drinks, and people, and cheese[1]), then drop Cat Ashton a line and she’ll... [Read More]
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The Massive Dev Chart for Android

Edit: The Orange Tentacle version of the Massive Dev chart has now been unpublished at the request of Digital Truth. Digital Truth now have their own paid version of the application which is availible on the Android Market. [Read More]
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Leeds Photocamp ’09

Well that was a fun day. Photocamp aims to take the same ideas of unconference that make Barcamp so successful and bring them to photography. This is the second Photocamp held in Europe, both have been held in Old Broadcasting House in Leeds. Sessions over the day have ranged from... [Read More]
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Review (of sorts): Belkin Network USB Hub

The curse of a digital workflow is getting things to play nicely from end to end. If I decide I’m processing a photo on the Mac, then I need to scan the negative, edit the photograph and print it back out at a quality that isn’t going to make me... [Read More]
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Analogue Photography – Gearing Up

In this increasing age of digital, you would be forgiven for thinking that analogue photography was going the way of the dodo. Not so, in fact it’s benefiting from something or a resurgence over recent years. [Read More]
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