Trucking Hell

Trucking Hell is the second book by “Bowen T Hunter” and has had something of a turbulent history, not unlike the author himself. The book was scheduled to be published through a real bona-fide publisher and everything. Unfortunately due to one thing and another it didn’t happen, so Hunter was... [Read More]
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Review (of sorts): Belkin Network USB Hub

The curse of a digital workflow is getting things to play nicely from end to end. If I decide I’m processing a photo on the Mac, then I need to scan the negative, edit the photograph and print it back out at a quality that isn’t going to make me... [Read More]
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Analogue Photography – Gearing Up

In this increasing age of digital, you would be forgiven for thinking that analogue photography was going the way of the dodo. Not so, in fact it’s benefiting from something or a resurgence over recent years. [Read More]
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Bob In Sheffield

At BarCamp Sheffield we were asked to create a tag cloud to represent our interests.  Rather than quickly doodle one out at the venue, I took a blank back with me on the Friday evening to my hotel and drew one in Bob instead.  A few people have asked me... [Read More]
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Knockin’ on Sheffield’s Door

I have to apologise for this. Barcamp Sheffield launched a competition where entrants had to produce a piece of social media to promote digital media in Sheffield and/or Barcamp Sheffield. [Read More]
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ISO Countries and Their Codes In SQL

Had a headdesk moment as I sat down this morning to write a delivery page for a web site I’m current working on. I needed a table of countries, their ISO numbers and two and three letter codes. I’ve done this once or twice before, but had misplaced the script... [Read More]
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Beefing up

Mac OS X’s default mail browser,, is a pretty straightforward e-mail client with a few bells and whistles. But for those coming across from e-mail clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook, especially from daily workflows that revolve around e-mail, they may find the out-the-box functionality a little lacking. Cleverly... [Read More]
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