Android Market, Copy Protection And the HTC Desire

There’s a fault with the HTC Desire in that it’s not showing copy protected paid apps in the Android Market. This is apparently due to HTC failing to the get the ROM signed by Google (or some similar such). If you’ve already got apps you’ve paid for on a previous... [Read More]
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Digital Economy and the Pains of Democracy

I’ve just finished watching this evenings debate, votes and reading of the DEB. I’ll admit that I had lost hope a few weeks ago of this bill being voted down, but some things became clear as I was watching this evenings proceedings. [Read More]
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Fiddler 2 and MVC Forms

I’ve been using ASP.NET MVC for a couple of projects now, and so far my assessment is lukewarm. I like it in that it lets me play with raw data and is increadibly powerful, extensible and testable. It does take quite a while to spin things up though, and you... [Read More]
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UK Libel Laws

For those that don’t follow Private Eye, there’s been extensive coverage of the mess that is the UK Libel process for … ohh, forver. It’s quite a scary situation. Pretty much anyone can now be sued in the UK for saying anything about anyone anywhere in the world. Marcus Brigstocke... [Read More]
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Static IPs in VMWare Fusion

It’s a simple problem, but one I keep forgetting how to resolve whenever I need to nuke a box. So in case anyone else needs to do it, here’s how to give a static IP to a guest OS in VMWare Fusion.
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