Leeds Hack 2011, Or That Was The Hack That Was

LeedsHack 2011 has been and gone, and again was the flurry of excitement and frustration we’ve come to expect from the event.  @the_hodge, @heathervamp and the rest of the team managed to organise an excellent venue, a world class pic ‘n’ mix and the world’s largest simultaneous takeaway order –... [Read More]
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JsonRequestBehaviour.AllowGet & Visual Studio Regex

Nice quick win – currently upgrading a client Intranet project from ASP.NET MVC1 to MVC2. Microsoft changed how get requests are handled in this release and disallowed GET JSON requests by default. Before going any further, note that there are security implications in allowing JSON get requests. [Read More]
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Tips for Contractor CVs

I spend quite a bit of time recruiting for clients, helping place contractors and full time placements for them. As such, I sift through rather a lot of CVs. CVs are notoriously hard to get right, you’ve got to get a potentially complex personality and skill set across in a... [Read More]
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