AppsLib – Rather Rude…

Back in 2009, I developed a version of “The Massive Dev Chart” for Android under license by the original owners of the IP, “Digital Truth”. Last year they released their own version of the application and politely asked me to withdraw mine, to which I agreed (these had been the... [Read More]
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Ruby Game of Life

I am learning Ruby and Vim. I’m also attending the Preston Codejo hosted by Magma Digital, where were using Ruby as the driver. [Read More]
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Conway’s Game of Life

This weekend saw the global Coderetreat happen, where developers all around the world worked in regional groups to improve their coding techniques, and to try out new ideas/languages. [Read More]
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I'm Kian Ryan

TLDR; I sport, code, make stuff, and play adventure games.

Stay safe. Trans rights are human rights. NFTs are still a scam. Still get f-ed Putin. Imagine the *real world* good you could do with $44bn.

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