Finally got around to playing Obduction, after having backed it on Kickstarter many moons ago. Obduction is a puzzle adventure from the original creators of Myst, and it’s mechanisms will be very familiar to anyone who has played any of the original games. [Read More]
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King’s Quest 2015

Let me start with a disclaimer. I’ve played and finished all the King’s Quests (with varying degrees of assistance) with the exception of King’s Quest 8. When we bought out first PC, the first game we bought for it was King’s Quest 6. And that was played over and over... [Read More]
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I'm Kian Ryan

TLDR; I sport, code, make stuff, and play adventure games.

Stay safe. Trans rights are human rights. NFTs are still a scam. Still get f-ed Putin. Imagine the *real world* good you could do with $44bn.

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