Knockin’ on Sheffield’s Door

I have to apologise for this. Barcamp Sheffield launched a competition where entrants had to produce a piece of social media to promote digital media in Sheffield and/or Barcamp Sheffield. [Read More]
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ISO Countries and Their Codes In SQL

Had a headdesk moment as I sat down this morning to write a delivery page for a web site I’m current working on. I needed a table of countries, their ISO numbers and two and three letter codes. I’ve done this once or twice before, but had misplaced the script... [Read More]
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Beefing up

Mac OS X’s default mail browser,, is a pretty straightforward e-mail client with a few bells and whistles. But for those coming across from e-mail clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook, especially from daily workflows that revolve around e-mail, they may find the out-the-box functionality a little lacking. Cleverly... [Read More]
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SQL Server Management Studio – Unable to browse databases.

I often end up working in collaborative environments, with SQL Server accounts which only allow me access to one database on any given server. Using the SQL Server 2005 tools, this wasn’t a problem. SQL SMS showed me all the databases available but threw an “access denied” if I tried... [Read More]
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The Venerable “if” Statement

It’s one of the first keywords every programmer is taught, and it’s the first real sense of control you’re given over your programming. It’s translated into almost every language (there is the odd exception, and they are odd) and makes the basis for every conditional statement there-in. [Read More]
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I'm Kian Ryan

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