Android 1.6 – Brings Awesome Bar

The Android 1.6 API has now been released, and with it is coming one feature which outshines all others. The “Quick Search Bar” provides instant access to local phone and Google results in near real-time. [Read More]
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Log Parser Is My New Best Friend

SEO may be something of a dark art, but even if we don’t practice it, as web developers we’re usually responsible for putting into place the mechanisms that allow the Mouldy-morts to practice their forbidden forms. Recently, that usually consists of dropping analytics code onto a page to track your... [Read More]
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Trucking Hell … In Bits

Back in January, I wrote about Trucking Hell, a entertaining book by “Bowen T Hunter” available through Lulu. It’s an entertaining book, if a little rough around the edges. [Read More]
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