Digital Economy and the Pains of Democracy

I’ve just finished watching this evenings debate, votes and reading of the DEB. I’ll admit that I had lost hope a few weeks ago of this bill being voted down, but some things became clear as I was watching this evenings proceedings. [Read More]
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Fiddler 2 and MVC Forms

I’ve been using ASP.NET MVC for a couple of projects now, and so far my assessment is lukewarm. I like it in that it lets me play with raw data and is increadibly powerful, extensible and testable. It does take quite a while to spin things up though, and you... [Read More]
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UK Libel Laws

For those that don’t follow Private Eye, there’s been extensive coverage of the mess that is the UK Libel process for … ohh, forver. It’s quite a scary situation. Pretty much anyone can now be sued in the UK for saying anything about anyone anywhere in the world. Marcus Brigstocke... [Read More]
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Static IPs in VMWare Fusion

It’s a simple problem, but one I keep forgetting how to resolve whenever I need to nuke a box. So in case anyone else needs to do it, here’s how to give a static IP to a guest OS in VMWare Fusion.
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