Fizz Buzz

I just read “Why Can’t Programmer’s Program” over on Coding Horror. Out of sheer curiosity, I googled “Fizz Buzz C#” just to see what some people had engineered. The idea of the “Fizz Buzz” test is to provide a starting point to prove you can write working code. Nothing complicated,... [Read More]
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Don McCullin Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum

‘I am a professed atheist, until I find myself in serious circumstances. Then I quickly fall on my knees, in my mind if not literally, and I say : “Please God, save me from this.”‘ — Don McCullin We’ve just got back in from the last day of the Don... [Read More]
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I'm Kian Ryan

TLDR; I sport, code, make stuff, and play adventure games.

Stay safe. Trans rights are human rights. NFTs are still a scam. Still get f-ed Putin. Imagine the *real world* good you could do with $44bn.

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