I'm Kian Ryan.

In the mornings I run, swim, and cycle.

A few years ago I did my first Sprint Triathlon. I was terrible, and decided that needed to change. So I spent the time learning to swim (still a long way to go), learning to run (still a long way to go), and then went back to racing last year. I completed three Sprint races in 2017. 2018 I'm planning on two Sprint and a Standard distance race.

I also do 10K races.

During the day I tap away at a keyboard. People pay me for this.

I had a priviledged start in coding.

I literally cut my teeth on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

My primary school had a BBC Micro. I spent hours on it.

A teacher introduced me to Pascal and C in the first few years of Secondary education.

I was driven and interested enough to learn as much as I could.

I went to university, learned some more. Made funny faces at Java.

I graduated, started working, then really started to learn.

I've been writing code for a long time. It's hard to remember a time when I haven't been writing code of some description.

I now freelance and consult for a living, working on interesting projects. I love hearing about interesting projects.

In the evenings, I teach people to hit each other with metal sticks.

I'm a fencing coach. I teach people the sport of fencing.

I've been fencing for 20 years, and coaching for a large part of that. As my career has progressed, I've spent more time developing my coaching and less time competing. I am now completely focussed on coaching. I've worked with a range of outstanding coaches and taken advantage of some excellent learning opportunities. I now work with a number of clubs in the North West. You can find where I'm currently coaching on the Now page.

On the weekends I do all of the above, and sometimes run and speak at events.

I've organised and spoken at Geekups, Barcamps, and taken part in a few Hackdays.

I'm part of the 2018 Discworld Convention Committee.

Sometimes I make things.

I like to tinker with electronics. I am definately a tinkerer. Sometimes, projects happen.

I'm married, live in North West England and have three cats.

I'm married to Cat. Her blog lives over here.

Here's a photo of the pair of us just before the Birmingham Triathlon in 2017:

We have three cats - in order of seniority: Walnut, Cinder and Maple.

Because it would be rude to not have a cat photo, have a rare photo of all three of them sleeping: