Vim’s built in CSharp/.NET support is a little thin on the ground, so I’ve been writing a plugin to make C# development easier. It’s available on GitHub, and feel free to fork and extend it yourself. At the moment it currently supports:

  • Enhanced syntax highlighting for C#.
  • MSBuild Support for .sln and custom build files.
  • Reporting compiler errors in QuickFix window.

Simple start, but it’s currently functional and I’m using it with my own projects.


  • Have you seen my project, OmniSharp? It provides c# intellisense, code navigation and a couple of refactorings. I have enhanced syntax highlighting too.. but I think yours is a little further along than mine. Mind if I include it in OmniSharp?

  • kianryan

    You know what, I’ve been using OmniSharp for the past few weeks. It’s great. Last checkout though, something was critically broken. Please feel free to include my syntax file, I’m more than happy.

  • Great stuff, thanks! Do you want to create a pull request for attribution? If not I’ll do it myself…. cheers 🙂

  • kianryan

    It’ll be quicker if you do it yourself 😉