I’m Kian Ryan. A freelance .NET programmer and fencing coach.

I blog a bit, speak at unconferences, attend hackdays, and teach people to hit each other.

I’m available for hire.

Occasionaly, I’ll draw odd little cartoons.

Photo © Andrew Williams

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  • Blackpool Air Show 10k - In June, at my brother’s birthday party, a decision was made to enter him in to a 10k race. At the time it was a good idea, a good bit of motivation to get out the door and do some targeted training. We strategically picked a race that was localish, fast, flat and far enough […]
  • Snowdon via Rhyd Ddu, Snowdonia - Route On Strava It started with a free day in the calendar that Nick and I decided was well suited to going up a hill. We hadn’t picked the hill, but we did have a date. Cue a discussion about which hill to ascend, and we settled on Snowdon. I’m reassured that I’ve been up […]
  • Tesco – Your Customer Service Is Broken - I /was/ hoping that I could write a nice piece about how Tesco pretty much gave me a free tablet, and how pleasant a thing it is. But so far, it’s taken two and a half days and four trips to the store to buy one. I’ve finally got a unit that appears to work […]
  • Eldir Fawr, Snowdonia - Route On Strava One on Nick’s hit list, and I wanted a walk so it worked for the both of us. The weather was … tempramental. Somewhere up there is a God (one of possibly many) who doesn’t want me to see summits in clear weather. This was no exception. The start was pretty light, […]
  • Mam Tor - I think the weather does this to me on purpose. So how did last week look? LIKE GLORIOUS SUNSHINE! So I made a spontaneous decision on Saturday evening to go out to Mam Tor on the Sunday morning. The plan was simple… wake up at 6am, leave at 7am, arrive at Edale for 8am, hot […]