I’m Kian Ryan. A freelance .NET programmer and fencing coach.

I blog a bit, speak at unconferences, attend hackdays, and teach people to hit each other.

I’m available for hire.

Occasionaly, I’ll draw odd little cartoons.

Photo © Andrew Williams

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  • Running a Modern, Connected, Fencing Competition - Modern fencing competitions are elaborate affairs. Major events are televised (or streamed), results are instantly published online and in some cases, competitor information is displayed on the piste as the fencers compete. Fencers and referees are notified of where and when they need to be by remote screens linked to remote monitors. Not all events […]
  • Buliding a Youtube Live Streaming Camera With A Raspberry Pi - For the ManCadet, we built a couple of cheap streaming cameras to stream content to Youtube Live. You can see the quality of the output here. To do this, we used Raspberry Pis with the camera module and “official” case. We stuck them to the wall with gaffer tape and positioned the camera module with […]
  • Helvellyn via Striding Edge - Route on Strava “Let’s do Helvellyn”, he said. “Let’s do Striding Edge”, he said. At no point did he say, “oh, and let’s do a dozen other summits at the same time”. Bloody hell. Let’s rewind a bit. After our rather fun trip to Snowdon, Nick and I started discussing our next trip whilst returning […]
  • Parkruns – Or How I Put One Foot In Front of The Other - I few years ago I did something that felt Herculean and completed a sprint triathlon. At the time, my only real endurance sport was cycling. I love cycling, but cycling does not a triathlon make. An inability to swim very far or run reasonably far caused me a great deal of trouble at the start […]
  • Blackpool Air Show 10k - In June, at my brother’s birthday party, a decision was made to enter him in to a 10k race. At the time it was a good idea, a good bit of motivation to get out the door and do some targeted training. We strategically picked a race that was localish, fast, flat and far enough […]