I’m Kian Ryan. A freelance .NET programmer and fencing coach.

I blog a bit, speak at unconferences, attend hackdays, and teach people to hit each other.

I’m available for hire.

Occasionaly, I’ll draw odd little cartoons.

Photo © Andrew Williams

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  • 72 Hours Later With The Chromecast - So, we’ve had the Chromecast the better part of a week now. It’s interesting to see how easily it’s slipped in to every day usage. Want to watch a thing, load up on phone, cast to TV. In general, it still “just works”. We even had a few friends around (all with Android devices of […]
  • 24 Hours With Chromecast - Over the past few years, we’ve used a number of solutions to stream content from various sources around the house. We started out with a classic Xbox running XBMC (when the X really did stand for XBox), then we upgraded to a dedicated media PC which streamed content from our NAS and iPlayer – again […]
  • Newsnight and the Year Of Code – A Response - On the 3rd of February Michael Gove called for state schools to be run more like private schools. More exams, longer hours (that’ll at least please parents), and more sport and debating societies. I am becoming increasingly convinced that Gove thinks that there is only one way for schools to operate, and everything else is […]
  • Minor Obsession – Every Day Carry - I have a small confession, I’ve been bit of an EDC (Every Day Carry) obsessive for a number of months. I blame Jeff Atwood. After reading his post on EDC , I recognised a bit of a kindred spirit. As someone who works two very different jobs and spends a significant amount of time on […]
  • One Resolution for 2014 - Be Better.