I’m Kian Ryan. A freelance .NET programmer and fencing coach.

I blog a bit, speak at unconferences, attend hackdays, and teach people to hit each other.

I’m available for hire.

Occasionaly, I’ll draw odd little cartoons.

Photo © Andrew Williams

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  • Tesco – Your Customer Service Is Broken - I /was/ hoping that I could write a nice piece about how Tesco pretty much gave me a free tablet, and how pleasant a thing it is. But so far, it’s taken two and a half days and four trips to the store to buy one. I’ve finally got a unit that appears to work […]
  • Crowdfunding Is Nothing New - Whilst reading Fire In The Valley I came across the following, discussing how companies placed mail order adverts for products that did not as of yet exist: Products were being announced before they were even designed, let alone built, and the magazines supported the practice. Popular Electronics had passed off an empty box as the […]
  • Book Review – Fire In The Valley - As a child of the 80s, and a learner of the 90s, I grew up in an exciting era in personal computing. I literally cut my teeth on a ZX Spectrum, and then after learning how that worked inside and out, as a family we eventually upgraded to an Escom IBM compatable PC. I started […]
  • Gadget of the Year 2014 - It’s been a funny year for gadgets. I tend not to acquire a gadget unless I’ve got a really good use for it, and it fits in my bag. After something of a drought for a year or two, I’ve found myself picking up more than usual this year. But there have been some outstanding […]
  • FIE Coaching Course in Budapest - I’m just back from Budapest from a 10 day coach education course for sabre coaches. It’s been an interesting experience, both in terms of the fencing and the culture and is one that I would recommend for any coach that has the opportunity to attend. You may be surprised (or not) to find that the […]